Starting and stopping the system

Changing the system restart options

To alter the system startup behavior, use the System Startup Manager located in the System directory of the SCOadmin hierarchy.

The restart options determine whether (and how) the system will restart after a power failure or system panic.

You have these options:

Restart automatically when power is restored
If selected, restart without operator intervention and allow users to log in. If not, wait indefinitely for operator to respond to Boot: prompt.

Automatically check and clean filesystems
If selected, automatically clean and mount filesystems. (any inconsistencies are resolved automatically). If not selected, wait for operator to continue manually.

Immediately go to multi-user mode during restart
If selected, skip the prompt for single-user mode. (If booting automatically, the prompt is always skipped.)

Restart automatically after a system panic
If selected, restart without operator intervention (a panic always causes the system to halt). Similar to ``Restart automatically when power is restored.''

Seconds before auto restart
Specifies how long the system waits at the Boot: prompt before restarting automatically.

Default Boot String
Specifies the boot string to be automatically loaded when you press <Enter> at the Boot: prompt.
To restore system defaults, select Reset Defaults from the Parameters menu.

To alter other startup parameters in /etc/default/boot, select Advanced from the Parameters menu. These are described in boot(F) manual page.

To save your changes, select Save from the Startup menu.

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