Installing and managing software components

Removing software

In the Software Manager, select the unneeded products, components, packages, and patches from the list of installed software. Then, from the Software menu, select Remove Software.

To leave the software loaded, click on More Options in the Confirm Selected Software window. Then, specify Leave Loaded, and click on Remove. (Removing a patch and leaving it loaded corresponds to the Rollback Patch operation in earlier versions of the Software Manager.)

When you start to remove a piece of software, the Software Manager checks to see whether it has any dependent components or packages and notifies you of any dependencies. If dependencies are found, you can either continue the removal procedure or cancel.

To remove software from a machine across the network, from the Host menu, select Open Host. Then, type in the host name, or click on Select to choose from a list of hosts. (Sort the list by host name or IP address by toggling the Sort by buttons, or type one or more characters into the ``Filter'' field to search for a host name.) Then, remove the software as you would locally.

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