Configuring Samba on SCO OpenServer systems

After installing Samba, you must configure and activate it. To do so, run the command mkdev samba. When prompted, enter the appropriate information in these categories:

Workgroup Name/NT-Domain


Machine name

Default: your system's name as reported by the uname -n command, capitalized. For example, MYSYSTEM.

Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) usage

Whether your network uses the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS). The use of WINS is recommended; failure to do so may significantly increase your network traffic. However, some sites are unable to use it because, for example, of security policies.

If you are using WINS, you will be asked whether your machine is intended to be the WINS server for your network. If some other machine will be the WINS server, you will be asked for its IP address.


A network may not have more than one WINS server. If any other machine will be acting as the WINS server, your machine cannot do so.

Network interface(s)

The network interface(s) over which Samba will run. If your system has only one Network Interface Card then this will be configured automatically. If you have multiple NIC's then you will need to enter the interfaces. For example, net0 net1. The loopback device (lo0) will be added automatically.

Microsoft Security Domain or Active Directory usage

Whether your system is being installed into an already-existing Microsoft Security Domain or Active Directory.

  • If Yes, you will be asked for the name of the Primary Domain Controller.

  • If No, you will be asked whether your system will be the Primary Domain Controller.

From the answers to these questions, an initial smb.conf file will be created that should work in most circumstances. Additional configuration should be completed using the swat utility.

Once this initial configuration is complete, Samba will automatically be launched at boot time.