Administering a local MMDF system

Maintaining mailing lists

Use the Alias Administration Manager to add, modify, or remove mailing lists. A mailing list is a special-case alias; each has an ``owner'' who is responsible for handling mailing list administration, including adding and removing members. Error messages about bounced messages and other problems with the list also go to the mailing list owner instead of the originator of the mail. An advantage to mailing lists is that list addresses are not validated at the time each message is sent; this can save a significant amount of processing time with a large list of recipients.

To add a mailing list, add an alias, giving it the name you want to assign to the mailing list. When you have added the mailing list members, click on the Mailing List button near the bottom of the window and assign the mailing list owner by typing the user's login name or selecting a name from the list by clicking on Select Name.

The owner of the mailing list can easily maintain the list of members if it is kept in a file. The mailing list owner must have write permission on the file.

To modify a mailing list, add or remove members as described in ``Adding or removing an alias member''. To change the list owner, replace the existing owner's name in the window with the new owner's name.

To remove a mailing list, follow the instructions in Removing an alias.

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