Managing mail with MMDF

Searching an alias or mailing list

At any time while viewing or modifying the contents of an alias or mailing list, you can enter a member name or any string in the ``Search'' field, and the member list scrolls to that point in the alphabetically ordered list. For example, entering the letter p in the ``Search'' field will scroll the member list to those names starting with ``p''.

Redirecting and piping mail

When adding an alias member, you can use the forward slash (/) or the pipe character (|) to do more complex processing of mail sent to the alias, such as redirecting messages to files. For example, you can enter any of these lines as an alias ``member'':

   "network|cat -v >>/usr/spool/log/mlog"
   "network|/usr/bin/lp -dprinter2"
In the first example line, MMDF redirects mail addressed to the alias to a file, /usr/spool/log/uucp. In the second line, MMDF pipes mail addressed to the alias through the cat(C) filter before logging it in the mlog file. In the third line, MMDF pipes mail addressed to the alias to the lp(C) command for printing. These redirection alias examples use the user and group IDs of the user network. Although network is appropriate in most cases, you can specify any user named in the /etc/passwd file on your system.
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