Managing mail with MMDF

Changing error logging levels

You can have MMDF maintain a complete log of authorization attempts with reasons for failure or success.

By default, the MMDF Configuration Manager sets up MMDF to log fatal errors only. To change the logging level, start the Channel Administration Manager. Then:

  1. Highlight the channel to modify.

  2. Select Modify from the Channel menu.

  3. Click on Log File.

  4. Use the default log file or specify a different log file by clicking next to Select and typing the name in the ``File'' field.

  5. Select the Log level:

    fatal errors only Logs only fatal errors. Produces a complete log of authorization attempts.
    temporary errors Logs both temporary and fatal errors. Produces a complete log of authorization attempts.
    interesting diagnostics Logs generally interesting diagnostics and errors. Produces a complete log of authorization attempts.
    basic statistics Logs some basic statistics about movement of messages. Produces a complete log of authorization attempts.
    full statistics Logs full statistics.
    program trace listing Shows a program trace listing of channel activity.
    detailed trace listing Shows a more detailed program trace listing.
    every diagnostic possible Logs all possible diagnostics.

Each level listed here logs the preceding levels. For example, Interesting diagnostics logs Fatal errors and Temporary errors as well. The last three levels are most often used by experienced administrators for analysis of MMDF configuration.

The log file's default maximum size is 1000 blocks. This value, and other log file parameters, can be modified; see the description of MCHANLOG in mmdftailor(F).

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