Managing mail with MMDF

Assigning Mail IDs

Normally a user's login name is used as identification in a mail address. As an alternative, you can disassociate login names from mail addresses by assigning a Mail ID for each user. To do so, define the MMAILID parameter in the /usr/mmdf/mmdftailor file to be 1. See ``Editing MMDF configuration files manually''.

Then map Mail IDs to login names in two table files: users and mailids. The location of these table files is defined by MTBLDIR in mmdftailor; the default is /usr/mmdf/table. Each table has lines with two entries per line (user and Mail ID, or Mail ID and user). The users file is used to map user names (login ids) to Mail IDs, for example:

   rogerr	Roger
The mailids file is used to map Mail IDs to user names, for example:
   Roger rogerr
A user can have more than one entry in the mailids file, but should have only one entry in the users file (the users file defines default Mail IDs).

NOTE: If the use of Mail IDs is enabled, users must have an entry in the mailids file before they can send or receive mail.

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