Managing mail with MMDF

MMDF delivers mail twice or not at all

If MMDF delivers mail twice or does not deliver it at all, the problem may be with the deliver(ADM) program. Mail is delivered immediately by default. If two people attempt to send mail at the same time, two deliver daemons, both of which look at the same mail queue, are started at the same time. If this happens, mail may be delivered two or more times.

Because of a problem with the deliver program, mail coming from a remote site may not be delivered at all.

To solve either of these problems:

  1. Log in as mmdf.

  2. Use the Channel Administration Manager to specify Regular delivery mode for the channels in use. Note the channels whose configuration you change.

NOTE: The concept of ``delivery'' in this context does not mean that the mail is necessarily put in a mailbox file. It usually means that the mail is transferred from the MMDF spool directories (/usr/spool/mmdf) to the appropriate spool directories for the channel being used. For example, if the uucp channel is being used, the mail ends up under /usr/spool/uucp. Depending on how the channel is configured, transfer of mail to the channel's spool directories may or may not trigger immediate transfer of mail to its destination mailbox.

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