Managing mail with MMDF

Troubleshooting MMDF

MMDF is configured for the local system by default. Therefore, users should not experience problems with local mail. Generally, when mail does not work, there is either a problem with the network, or with MMDF configuration.

When mail problems occur, first verify that any network connections work correctly (for example, UUCP or TCP/IP connections). Make sure you can ping(ADMN) each of the machines and that you can telnet(TC) and/or rlogin(TC) to the remote system. See the Networking Guide for more information on troubleshooting networks.

If you are configuring MMDF over a UUCP connection, make sure you can use uucp(C) to transfer files between systems. If you are connecting to UUCP with a modem, verify that the modem is installed and configured correctly. See ``Troubleshooting modems''.

If networks are working and you still experience problems with mail, the problem is most likely with the MMDF configuration or the deliver daemon. This section discusses some common problems and solutions.

If you need to call Support Services, be sure to have the following files ready when speaking with a Support engineer:


We also recommend that you be in front of the machine having the problem when speaking to a Support engineer, so you can try suggestions we may have.

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