Using and administering electronic mail

Changing Mail Transfer Agents

MMDF and sendmail are the two MTAs supplied with SCO OpenServer systems. A choice is made at installation time, but can be changed later. If your mail system is complex, changing Mail Transfer Agents may be non-trivial. For the rationale of using one over the other, refer to ``Comparison of sendmail with MMDF''.
To replace MMDF with sendmail (or the converse) as the Mail Transfer Agent:

  1. run custom(ADM)

  2. Select the Mail Transfer Agent that is currently installed, either ``SCO MMDF'' or ``SCO SendMail''.

  3. Remove the component.

  4. Select the Mail Transfer Agent to install, either ``SCO MMDF'' or ``SCO SendMail''.

  5. Run the installation.

If you must switch between using MMDF and sendmail frequently on the same system, use the following procedure:

  1. Use the Software Manager to load the ``SCO SendMail'' component -- see ``Loading software''.

  2. To switch from MMDF to sendmail on an SCO OpenServer Enterprise System, enter the commands:

    custom -p SCO:odtes -d SCO:MMDF
    custom -p SCO:odtes -e SCO:SendMail

    To switch from SendMail to MMDF on an SCO OpenServer Enterprise System, enter:

    custom -p SCO:odtes -d SCO:SendMail
    custom -p SCO:odtes -e SCO:MMDF

NOTE: For either of the Mail Transfer Agent changes described above, on an SCO OpenServer Host System, substitute SCO:unixos for SCO:odtes. On an SCO OpenServer Desktop System, substitute SCO:odtps for SCO:odtes.

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