Using SCO Shell Mail

Forwarding a message to another user

To forward the message you are currently reading, select Forward.

You can add a brief comment to the message or edit the message before you send it. You can also change the subject of the message.
You can change the message using the same editing commands that you use for composing new messages. When you finish, forward the message by selecting Deliver from the Create menu. You then return to the Read screen, with the original message still on display. Your changes affect only the copy that you forwarded, not the original message.

In the ``Comment'' field, you can enter a one-line comment to go with the message. SCO Shell Mail inserts the comment, along with your login, at the top of the message.

If the message has an attachment, it is forwarded along with the message.

When you next see the message list, the message you forwarded is marked with an ``f''.

Changing the comment line in forwarded messages

When you forward a message, you can add a brief comment to the message without editing it. The recipient of the message sees the comment at the top of the message. If you want, you can change this standard introduction line to something else for all messages that you forward with a comment. Select:

Options -> Customize

and enter the introduction that you prefer in the ``Forward Comment Introducer'' field.

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