Using SCO Shell Mail

Holding a message for delivery at a later time

You can hold a message for further editing or delivery at a later time.

Press <Esc> while you are creating a message, and select Quit. When prompted to hold the message, select Yes, and give a hold name; this helps you identify this message among several held messages.

Retrieving a held message

If you have sent messages to a hold file, you are reminded of this each time you select Create from the Mail menu. If you want to retrieve a message that you have held, select Yes in the ``Retrieve a held message?'' field. Enter the name of the file you want to retrieve. By default, the form displays the name of the hold file you created most recently. If that is the file you want, press <Enter>.

If you do not remember what name to enter, press <F3> to display a list of all messages that you saved to hold files; highlight the name of the one that you want and press <Enter>.

The message you selected is retrieved from the hold file and displayed on the screen. When you have retrieved a file, SCO Shell Mail automatically places you in Edit mode.

When you retrieve a held message, it is no longer held. If you want to stop work and save the message again, you must hold it again on quitting.

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