Using SCO Shell Mail

Starting mail

Start SCO Shell Mail either by entering scosh email at the command line or by starting SCO Shell and selecting the Mail Application. For further instructions on SCO Shell, see ``Starting SCO Shell''.
The mail opening screen shows information about messages waiting for you in your system mailbox. New messages are added to the end of the message list as they arrive:

Message status symbols (called flags) can appear in the left margin of the message list next to the individual listings. These characters tell you facts about the messages: whether or not you have read this message, whether it has an attachment, whether you have replied to it, and so on. The following table shows a complete list of message status flags.

Symbol Description
+ A message that has not been read yet. The ``+'' disappears only after you read the message.
a A message that has attachments.
! An urgent message that requires immediate attention.
s You have saved a copy of the message to a file or mail folder.
f You have forwarded a copy of the message to others by selecting Forward from the Read menu.
r You have sent a reply to the sender by selecting Reply from the Read menu.
Further details on these flags are given at appropriate places in this chapter.

NOTE: In SCO Shell Mail, the date displayed in the message list is incorrectly formatted for the German locale. The last digit of the year is missing from the display.

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