sendmail administration

Summary of support files

This is a summary of the support files that sendmail creates or generates. Many of these can be changed by editing the file; these are noted below.

binary of sendmail; should be setuid root.

link to /usr/lib/sendmail; causes the alias database to be rebuilt. Running this program is completely equivalent to giving sendmail the -bi flag.

prints a listing of the mail queue. This program is equivalent to using the -bp flag to sendmail.

configuration file, in textual form.

help file used by the SMTP HELP command; the actual path of this file is defined in the H option of the file.

statistics file. If you wish to collect statistics about your mail traffic, you should create this file:
   cp /dev/null /usr/lib/
   chmod 666 /usr/lib/
Print this file with the command mailstats(ADMN). The actual path of this file is defined in the S option of the file.

process id file. Created in daemon mode; contains the process id of the current SMTP daemon. If you use this in scripts, use ``head -1'' to get just the first line; later versions of sendmail may add information to subsequent lines.

textual version of the alias file.

alias file in db format.

directory in which the mail queue and temporary files reside; this directory should be mode 700 and owned by root; the actual path of this directory is defined in the Q option of the file.

control (queue) files for messages.

data files.

temporary versions of the qf files, used during queue-file rebuild.

transcript of the current session.

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