sendmail administration

Reconfiguring sendmail

You can change the sendmail configuration at any time. How you change the configuration depends on what you want to change. When sendmail is installed, a standard configuration file is created by combining user prompted input with non-prompted configuration information. sendmail obtains the non-prompted configuration information from a default configuration source file, /usr/lib/sendmail.d/sendmail.src.

If you want to change any of the information for which mkdev cf prompts, the easiest approach is to rerun mkdev cf and respond to the prompts. sendmail remembers the previous responses to these prompts, so you need only make changes. For a description of the information for which mkdev cf prompts, see ``Running mkdev cf''.

If you want to change information for which mkdev cf does not prompt:

  1. Back up the default configuration source file, /usr/lib/sendmail.d/sendmail.src, if you want to retain online an original version of this file.

  2. Change /usr/lib/sendmail.d/sendmail.src according to your needs.

  3. Run mkdev cf to rebuild the /usr/lib/ file, integrating the changed /usr/lib/sendmail.d/sendmail.src. See ``Running mkdev cf'' for a description of mkdev cf.

CAUTION: You should not make changes directly to the /usr/lib/ file because your changes will be lost if mkdev cf is run afterwards.

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