Using e-mail

Editing a message's header

To edit the header details while you are entering a message, type ~h on a new line and make any necessary changes to each field. You can also select and edit individual fields as detailed below.

To add additional names to the ``To'' list, type:

~t login1 login2 ...

You can name as many additional logins as you like. Note that users originally on the recipient list still receive the message; you cannot remove anyone from the recipient list with ~t. To remove a login, use ~h.

You can replace or add a ``Subject'' field by typing:

~s a new subject

This replaces any previous subject with a new subject (you do not need to surround the text with quotation marks).

To add people to the ``Cc'' list, type:

~c login1 login2 ...

Similarly, the following sequence adds a list of people to the ``Bcc'' (Blind carbon copy) list:

~b login1 login2 ...

The people on this list receive a copy of the message, but are not mentioned anywhere in the message you send. Use this if you do not want certain people to know who else will be receiving the message.

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