Using e-mail

Attaching a signature to your messages

You can create a standard signature for the messages that you write. The signature serves the same purpose as the letterhead on a piece of business correspondence, and can include your name, address, business name, and other pertinent information.

If you decide to use a signature, mail attaches it to the end of each mail message that you send out. You do not see the signature when you create the message, but the message recipients see it.

To add a signature to your messages, add this line to your .mailrc file:

set sign="your signature goes here"

For details on setting variables in the .mailrc file, see ``Setting environment variables''.

An example of a signature .mailrc might be:

   set sign="Brook Bond (003.5) - licensed to make tea"
To include your signature in a message, type ~a at the point where you want the signature to appear.

Note that when sending mail to other sites it is considered rude to use a signature block more than four lines long; an excessively long signature costs other people money to relay it through their computers.

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