Administering a Calendar server

How the Calendar server works

If your client and server are located on the same machine, skip to ``Using the default configuration''. If you are connecting to a network, choose a server computer to contain your calendar database files and run the Calendar Configuration utility described in ``Using the calendar over a network''.

The general procedure for network configuration is as follows:

  1. Choose a computer to be your server machine. This computer should be one that has ample free disk space and a low load average.

  2. Make sure that the appropriate networking software is installed on every computer in your local network.

  3. Install SCO OpenServer on your server and client computers. When you do so, calendar server processes start running on each computer.

  4. On each computer, stop the calendar server process by running the Calendar Configuration utility.

  5. Restart the server process on the server computer. Do not restart the server process on your clients. The system is ready for use.

  6. Troubleshoot and maintain the network by using the Calendar Administration utility described in ``Selecting the Calendar Administration utility (Cal Util)''.

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