Administering a Calendar server

Verifying data integrity (3)

Errors in event data, permissions, or other portions of the calendar database may develop from time to time. You can check for these errors and fix them by choosing option 3 from the Calendar Administration menu.

  1. Use the Calendar Administration menu's option 8 (described in ``Pausing and resuming the server (8)'') to pause the server processes.

  2. Enter 3 at the Calendar Administration menu.

  3. Enter the path of the database you are verifying, or press <Return> to accept the default. Unless you have a nonstandard installation, accept the default value.

    The following messages appear:

       checking event database...
       checking permit database...
       checking link database...
       checking config database...
       running calchk...
    After these messages appear on the screen, any errors encountered are repaired by the underlying utility, calchk, and you return to the Calendar Administration menu. If you continue to encounter errors with your database, contact your support representative.

  4. Press <Return> to return to the Calendar Administration menu.

  5. Use option 8 to resume the server processes, unless you want to perform other tasks that require you to pause the server.

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