Configuring a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server

Configuring DHCP options

Global DHCP options are parameters which are not specific to individual subnets and are usually the same for all hosts. Example are the list of DNS name servers and the name of the local domain.

NOTE: You can also define DHCP options for sets of subnet, vendor class, user class, and client options by clicking on Generic while defining or modifying an option set. The options defined within a set of options always override the globally defined option. An option defined within a set can override that defined in other sets according to the precedence of the set. See ``DHCP options'' for more information.

To configure options using the DHCP Server Manager:

  1. To add or modify global options, select View -> Global Options. Select Entry -> Add if no options are currently defined, or otherwise select Entry -> Modify.

    To modify options of an option set, select one of Subnets, Clients, User Classes, Vendor Classes, or User Defined Options from the View menu. Select the option set from the list and select Entry -> Modify.

  2. Configure the options that you want to apply by moving them from the ``Unused'' list to the ``Configured'' list.

    To add an option, highlight the option in the ``Unused'' list and click on Add. Enter the value(s) for the option and click on OK.

    To modify an option, highlight it in the ``Configured'' list and click on Edit value. Change its value(s) and then click on OK.

    To delete an option from a set, highlight it in the ``Configured list'' and click on Remove.

  3. Click on OK when the ``Configured list'' contains the desired options in the set.
An alternative way of removing an option from the global set is to select View -> Global Options, select the option to be deleted from those listed, then select Entry -> Delete. Click on OK when prompted to confirm the deletion.
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