Configuring Internet Protocol (IP) routing

gated options statements

Options statements allow specification of some global options. If used, options must appear before any other type of configuration statement in the gated.conf file.

The options statement syntax is:

       [ noinstall ]
       [ nosend ]
       [ noresolv ]
       [ gendefault [ preference preference ]
       [ syslog [ upto ] log_level ]
The options list can contain one or more of the following options:

Do not change kernel's routing table. Useful for verifying configuration files.

gendefault [ preference preference ]
When gendefault is enabled and when a BGP or EGP neighbor is up, it causes the creation of a default route with the special protocol default. This can be disabled per BGP/EGP group with the nogendefault option. By default, this route has a preference of 20. This route is normally not installed in the kernel forwarding table; it is only present so it can be announced to other protocols.

Do not send any packets. This option makes it possible to run gated on a live network to test protocol interactions without actually participating in the routing protocols. The packet traces in the gated log can be examined to verify that gated is functioning properly. This is most useful for RIP and possibly the SMUX SNMP interface. This option does not yet apply to BGP and is not useful with EGP and OSPF.

By default, gated will try to resolve symbolic names into IP addresses by using the gethostbyname and getnetbyname library calls. These calls usually use the Domain Name System (DNS) instead of the host's local host and network tables. If there is insufficient routing information to send DNS queries, gated will deadlock during startup. This option can be used to prevent these calls; symbolic names will result in configuration file errors.

syslog [ upto ] log_level
Controls the amount of data gated logs via syslog on systems where setlogmask() is supported. The available logging levels and other terminology are as defined in the syslog(SLIB) reference manual page. The default is equivalent to syslog upto info.

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