Configuring Internet Protocol (IP) routing

gated static statements

Static statements define the static routes used by gated. A single static statement can specify any number of routes. The static statements occur after protocol statements and before control statements in the gated.conf file. Any number of static statements may be specified, each containing any number of static route definitions. These routes can be overridden by routes with better preference values.

   static {
       dest_mask gateway gateway [gateway2
   	[gateway3 [. . .]]]
           [interface interface_list]
           [preference preference]
           [retain] [reject] [blackhole] [noinstall] ;
       . . .
       dest_mask interface interface [preference
           preference] [retain] [reject] [blackhole] [noinstall] ;
       . . .
   } ;

dest_mask gateway gateway [gateway2 [gateway3 [. . .]]]
This is the most general form of the static statement. It defines a static route through one or more gateways. Static routes are installed when one or more of the gateways listed are available on directly attached interfaces. If more than one eligible gateway is available, they are limited by the number of multipath destinations supported.

dest_mask interface interface
This form defines a static interface route that is used for primitive support of multiple network addresses on one interface. The preference, retain, reject, blackhole, and noinstall options are the same as described following.

Parameters for static routes are:

interface interface_list
When this parameter is specified, gateways are only considered valid when they are on one of these interfaces. See ``gated interfaces statements'' for the description of the interface_list.

preference preference
This option selects the preference of this static route. The preference controls how this route competes with routes from other protocols. The default preference is 60.

Normally, gated removes all routes except interface routes from the kernel forwarding table during a graceful shutdown. The retain option may be used to prevent specific static routes from being removed. This is useful to ensure that some routing is available when gated is not running.

Instead of forwarding a packet like a normal route, reject routes cause packets to be dropped and unreachable messages to be sent to the packet originators. Specifying this option causes this route to be installed as a reject route. Not all kernel forwarding engines support reject routes.

A blackhole route is the same as a reject route except that unreachable messages are not supported.

Normally the route with the lowest preference is installed in the kernel forwarding table and is the route exported to other protocols. When noinstall is specified on a route, it will not be installed in the kernel forwarding table when it is active, but it will still be eligible to be exported to other protocols.

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