Configuring Internet Protocol (IP) routing

Configuring gated

Create the configuration file /etc/gated.conf. In creating this file, you will need to know the following information:

Examine the information provided for each protocol that you wish to support from the sample protocol configuration files provided with your TCP/IP software distribution. The four protocols and related configuration files are:

Protocol Filename
EGP /etc/gated.egp
BGP /etc/gated.bgp
RIP /etc/
OSPF /etc/gated.ospf

Read the gated.conf(SFF) manual page carefully while examining these files. Using the provided files as a model, copy the appropriate statements into the gated.conf file and tailor them to your site requirements. Note that comments in the configuration file begin with a number sign (#) and statements are terminated with a semicolon (;). Also, the options, interface, definition, protocol, route, and control statements must be specified in the order just listed. When first running gated, you should execute it with the -n option. This ensures that gated does not modify the kernel routing table. When you have finished testing the gateway and are satisfied that it is working correctly, restart the daemon without the -n option.

The basic flow of execution of gated when reading the configuration file is as follows:

  1. Enable traceoptions.

  2. If BGP or EGP is being used as the gateway protocol, establish the Autonomous System ID.

  3. Enable or disable the appropriate protocols.

  4. Specify the protocol attributes.

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