Administering SCO IPX/SPX

Logging into NVT servers (nlogin)

It is possible for users to log into SCO IPX/SPX NVT(TM) servers from any SCO OpenServer system using the NetWare NVT Login Manager or the nlogin(PADM) command. Since these logins use the same protocol (NVT) as DOS clients use to log in to the SCO OpenServer host, it is sometimes useful to ensure that the UNIX to UNIX login is possible before attempting to configure the DOS clients.

The NetWare NVT Login Manager allows users to log into one or more NVT servers simultaneously by selecting the desired servers and pressing the Login button. When the NetWare NVT Login Manager is used in a graphical X-windows environment, one window is opened for each server to which the user logs in. Each window will contain a login prompt for the associated server. When the NetWare NVT Login Manager is run in non-graphical mode (that is, character mode, or "CHARM"), only one server at a time can be logged into. In this case, the window in which the NetWare NVT Login Manager is running will be "taken over" by the remote login session. When the session is complete, control will automatically be passed back to the NetWare NVT Login Manager .

A useful feature of the NetWare NVT Login Manager is automatic screen refresh which updates the display of available NVT servers at a regular, user specified interval. The refresh interval can be controlled using a slider for the amount of time in minutes and seconds between refreshes. Automatic screen refresh can be set using the Set Auto Refresh cascade menu, which is available under the View menu.

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