Administering SCO IPX/SPX

Displaying available NetWare services (showsvcs)

The Service Advertising Protocol daemon (SAPD) included with SCO IPX/SPX constantly receives information about the services available on the NetWare network via SAP broadcasts. The NetWare SAP Monitor and the corresponding showsvcs(PADM) command display the SAP information in a convenient format, allowing selective display based on server type and/or name. The output from this command is useful to ensure that services are available on the network.

A useful feature of the NetWare SAP Monitor is automatic screen refresh which updates the available NetWare services display at a regular, user specified, interval. The refresh interval can be controlled using a slider for the amount of time in minutes and seconds between refreshes. Automatic screen refresh can be set using the Set Auto Refresh cascade menu, which is available under the View menu.

The NetWare SAP Monitor's output looks like this:

The NetWare SAP Monitor displays the following:

Server name
The name of the server that is advertising the service.

The type of service advertised. Whenever possible, the NetWare SAP Monitor prints a string describing the type (such as "File server") when its type is known. If the type is unknown, a hexadecimal value is printed instead. For example, instead of "NVT server", "9E" would be printed).

For more information on Novell object types, see ``Novell object types''.

The number of network hops to the service.

The IPX address of the service: The first set of numbers is the network number. The second set of numbers is the node number. The third number is the socket number.

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