Administering SCO IPX/SPX

Administering SCO IPX/SPX

IPX/SPX is the suite of protocols underlying the Novell network operating system, NetWare. SCO OpenServer provides this protocol as part of Desktop and Enterprise Systems. SCO IPX/SPX allows you to connect SCO OpenServer systems and NetWare networks; it supports remote logins from NetWare clients and distributed applications over NetWare networks and acts as the underlying transport protocol for SCO Gateway for NetWare.

The Novell NetWare network operating system allows the sharing of information among desktop computers and network servers over a local area network (LAN). NetWare can be divided into three components: NetWare server, NetWare clients, and transport protocol.

NetWare server

This component controls operation of the network and provides the core functionality for the network file system, memory management and scheduling of processing tasks such as file and print-sharing and handles functionality common to many users, such as file- and record-locking and database queries.

NetWare clients

This component deals with end-user-intensive activities.

Transport protocol

This component facilitates communication between the server and the clients.

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