Networking overview

Network hardware drivers

Network hardware drivers are programs that provide a standard way for many different ``protocol stacks'' and networking products to communicate with the networking adapter installed in your computer. Included with your SCO OpenServer system are the SCO Network Adapter Drivers, which support many available network adapters. Because they conform to a standard set of parameters and interfaces, you can use a single configuration tool, the Network Configuration Manager, to configure any or all of them.

SCO Network Adapter Drivers are available in two forms, both included in your system:

The SCO Network Adapter Drivers package is installed by default during your system installation. However, if you wish to install a driver for an adapter not included in the SCO OpenServer system distribution, consult your AHS documentation or contact your SCO OpenServer dealer to determine if your adapter is supported in the latest AHS release.

Other network drivers

Many network adapter vendors provide SCO OpenServer-compatible network adapter drivers. Most of these vendors are listed in the SCO Certified and Compatible Hardware Web Pages. To use an adapter not listed there, contact the vendor.

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