Configuring the Network Information Service (NIS)

Managing distributed user accounts

Use the Account Manager to create new user accounts on the NIS master server; refer to ``Adding and modifying user accounts'' for more information on the Account Manager.

To distribute a user account using NIS or to change a local account to a distributed account:

  1. In the Account Manager, choose Open Host from the Host menu to select the NIS master server.

  2. Select Add new user or Modify from the Users menu.

  3. In the Add or Modify menu, select Change distribution.

  4. Select NIS from the list of distribution methods, and click on the Distributed button.
To change a distributed to a local account, use the same procedure, but click on the Not Distributed button in the Change distribution menu.

Distributed user accounts can be removed or deactivated using the same procedure as conventional accounts.

NOTE: If an NIS user is changed to be a local user on the NIS master, that user will be set to be both local and distributed. You should delete the user account from /etc/passwd.yp first, then run the ypmake command.

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