Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Verifying UUCP connectivity before PPP use

Outgoing PPP links from automatic and manual dialup endpoints use the UUCP facilities to establish a physical connection with the remote host. For more information on PPP's use of UUCP, see ``How UUCP is configured for outgoing dialup''. A problem with establishing an outgoing PPP link may be caused by UUCP's inability to establish a UUCP link. This section provides a procedure to help you verify that the UUCP facilities are functioning (that is, the local host modem can connect with the remote host modem without PPP).

  1. Enable getty at the remote host by executing the following command there:

    enable tty_number

  2. Use the cu(C) command to try to connect to the remote system. For example, for a PPP connection on tty1a running at 1200 baud and calling a modem at extension 5555, enter the following command on the local machine:

    cu -ltty1a -s1200 5555

    The modem should dial, connect, and present a login prompt. If you do not see a login prompt after many seconds, type ~%B to make sure that the remote modem did not accidentally cycle past the correct baud rate. Try ~%B three times, waiting several seconds in between each try.

  3. If you still do not get a login prompt, make sure that the entries in your Devices file are correct and that the remote tty setup is correct.

  4. Next, enter the following command on the local machine, specifying the remote host name:

    cu hostname

    You should get the same results as when you specify the extension number. If you do not, make sure that the entries in your /usr/lib/uucp/Systems file are correct.

If you are unable to establish a UUCP link, see ``Connecting to other computers with UUCP''.

If the UUCP link is successfully made, go to ``Testing automatic dialup connectivity''.

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