Configuring the Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

SLIP configuration files

SCO SLIP uses the following configuration files:

/etc/pppfilter (optional)
This file is used for SLIP packet filter specifications and is shared with PPP. It is created when the SLIP STREAMS stack is installed, unless PPP has already created it. When created, it contains only comments; actual filter entries must be added by manually editing this file. This file and filter entries within it are required only if packet filtering is needed for one or more SLIP links. See ``PPP packet filtering'' and the packetfilter(SFF) manual page for more information on packet filtering and the /etc/pppfilter file.
SCO SLIP uses the following configuration files indirectly:

Any remote IP address to which a SLIP link will be established must be listed here with any host names by which a user may specify the remote host. If the Domain Name Service (DNS) is being used on the local host, then hostname-to-IP address mapping is done by that system instead of through this file.

/usr/lib/uucp/Systems, /usr/lib/uucp/Devices
These two files are UUCP systems files. Dynamic outgoing SLIP links require entries in these files for SLIP to be able to use UUCP facilities for these links. This dependency is described in ``Configuring UUCP for dynamic outgoing links''.

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