Configuring the Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

Administering SLIP

The slattach command establishes a connection over a pre-defined SLIP link. Each time slattach is executed, a new slattach process is created to control the additional SLIP link in use. slattach creates a network interface based on the local and remote IP addresses that are passed to it as parameters.

Parameters to the slattach command define:

NOTE: Before slattach can create a SLIP link, the SLIP protocol stack (a linked chain of software modules and drivers) must have been configured the kernel, and the system must have been rebooted. See ``Configuring SLIP'' for details.

Multiple applications (or multiple instances of the same application) on a local host can communicate with the same remote host using the same SLIP link. Use of the same SLIP link requires only that the applications use the same IP address to specify the remote host. By using different IP addresses to specify the same remote host, two applications can also use individual SLIP links to the same host, provided a separate SLIP link exists for each remote IP address.

Once a SLIP link is established, it remains active until:

Once the link has been removed, root should remove the route associated with the SLIP link from the routing table using the route(ADMN) command:

route delete destination_address gateway_address

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