Configuring the Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

Modifying a SLIP link

To modify a SLIP link:

  1. Log into the system as root.

  2. Bring the link down with ifconfig(ADMN). For example, if the link you are reconfiguring is the first SLIP link on your system (sl0), enter ifconfig sl0 down at the command line.

  3. Enter /usr/bin/slconf.

  4. Highlight a link to modify from the list.

  5. Select Modify, then click on OK.

  6. Enter the desired information.

  7. Enter any desired advanced configuration options, such as for compression, authentication, and timeout, by selecting the Advanced options button. Click on OK when done.

  8. Click on OK to confirm the link configuration.

  9. You are prompted to configure more links. Select No. If you select Yes, refer to ``Adding a SLIP link''.

  10. Click on OK to leave slconf.

  11. Make any needed changes to other SLIP and UUCP files.

  12. Restart the link with ifconfig. For example, you could enter ifconfig sl0 up.

NOTE: You can also use the Network Configuration Manager to modify a link. To do so, highlight the SCO TCP/IP for UNIX entry directly beneath the SCO TCP/IP SLIP driver, then select Modify protocol from the Protocol menu and join the previous procedure at step 3.

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