Installing and managing software over the network

Product file locations

The files in an SSO are stored in the subtree located under the directory:


This directory is called a component's ``SSO root''. For example, the SSO root for the SCO OpenServer X server component, version 5.2.0d, is /opt/K/SCO/XServer/5.2.0d.

Corresponding to the software storage object itself is a directory in /var in the client's local file space. This is the hierarchy to which all CLIENT files are copied. The pathname to the directory in /var is:


The K in an SSO pathname marks it as belonging to a component (rather than a product).

NOTE: If a file is not exported out of the SSO, it is private to the component and may or may not be included in future releases of the product. It is not a ``public'' interface. In general, you should not access these files from your own scripts or programs.

NOTE: A modification to a file in a directory under /opt/K/VendorCode/ComponentCode/ComponentVersion affects more than just the local host. The change will be carried along by custom to any other machines installed from the changed host, and it will also affect diskless and dataless clients of this machine. Make changes to files under /opt/K/VendorCode/ComponentCode/ComponentVersion with caution.

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