Using SCO Shell

Copying items between applications with the clipboard

Different applications treat items stored on the clipboard in different ways; for example, the electronic mail application may see an item as an ``attachment'' (a piece of data appended to a mail message) while the SCO Shell sees it as a file.

To copy an item to the clipboard, select:

Manager -> Transfer -> Copy

You are prompted for an item to place on the clipboard. SCO Shell is able to place files on the clipboard; applications may be able to place other types of information on it.

To paste an item on the clipboard into a file, select:

Manager -> Transfer -> Paste

You are prompted for a named item on the clipboard, and the name of the file in which to place it. Note that if you give Paste a filename that already exists, the file will be overwritten with a new one containing only the clipboard item you are saving.

Items placed on the clipboard are referred to by name and stay there until you explicitly remove them. To remove an item from the clipboard, select:

Manager -> Transfer -> Remove

The SCO Shell prompts you for the item to remove.

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