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Moving between days

When you start the Calendar, SCO Shell displays the current day's events by default.

To display the events for the next day, select Next from the Calendar menu item. With the Next item still highlighted, you can continue pressing <Enter> to move the calendar forward one day at a time. You can go back by selecting the Back item.

Scheduling events

The Calendar allows you to schedule events on any date between 1900 and 2099. Select Goto and a three-month calendar appears at the bottom of the screen with the current month in the middle.

The cursor is positioned over the current date on the three-month calendar. Use the arrow keys to move the date highlight. The <PgDn> and <PgUp> keys move the cursor to the same date in the next and previous months, respectively. The <Home> key returns you to the current date.

Instead of using the cursor to select a new date, you can enter a date from the keyboard. When you enter a date at the prompt, the Calendar automatically assumes the current year and month unless they are specified. To specify the 30th of this month, type 30 at the prompt and press <Enter>. Similarly, 11/4 is an acceptable way of specifying November 4 of the current year.

You can specify a year either by typing out the whole year (as in 1992) or by giving only the last two digits (as in 92). You cannot specify a date that is more than 50 years ago using only two digits for the year. For example, the Calendar interprets 5/5/33 as May 5, 2033, not 1933. You would have to enter 5/5/1933 if you meant the year 1933.

Here are some sample dates and the Calendar's interpretations of them:

Example Interpreted as
6 sixth day of the current month
7/4 July 4 of the current year
12/7/52 December 7, 1952
10/3/29 October 3, 2029
Nov 11 November 11 of the display year
1 april April 1 of the current year
+ 5 five days past the current date
+ 5 w five weekdays past the current date

You can make special uses of the ``+'' or ``-'' characters if you are filling the ``Start Date'' and ``End Date'' fields in the Repeat form for a repeating event. See ``Scheduling repeating events'' for more information.

If you enter an invalid date format, SCO Shell gives you an error message telling you so. Enter a valid date and press <Enter>.

After selecting the new date

Once you select a new date, either by entering the date from the keyboard or by pressing <Enter> on the highlighted date, the screen displays the events for the new date. The three-month calendar is no longer displayed on the screen. You can now use the Add, Change, and Delete functions on the currently displayed date's events.

Returning to the current date

You can return quickly to the current date from the Calendar menu by selecting the Goto option then pressing <Enter>.

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