Using SCO Shell

Using a mouse

You can use a mouse with SCO Shell if you are working at the console and the appropriate hardware has been connected to your system.

SCO Shell expects you to have a three-button mouse (although you can work with a two-button mouse as well). Mouse buttons are numbered from left to right. You can move around the screen area freely; when the mouse cursor is positioned over an item, you can press one of the buttons to achieve the following effects:

Button 1
Equivalent to pressing <Space>; typically moves to the next item in the current group. For example, if you press button 1 while the mouse cursor is on the menu, the cursor jumps to the next item; if you press button 1 while the mouse cursor is on a window containing a list, the window scrolls up or down (depending on whether the cursor is in the upper half or lower half of the window).

Button 2
Equivalent to pressing <Enter>; typically activates the current item. For example, if you press button 2 while the mouse cursor is on an application in the Application list window, that application is activated.

Button 3
Equivalent to pressing <Esc>; typically aborts the current operation or returns to the previous level of a menu.
If you have a two-button mouse, you lose Button 1's functionality; use the <Space> key instead.
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