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Using the Calendar

The SCO Shell Calendar lets you organize your daily schedule. It also provides access to the calendars of other users, so you can add events to their calendars as well as to your own, checking their calendars quickly for free times or scheduling conflicts. If your computer is on a local network, you may even have direct access to the calendars of users who work on other computers on the network.

In addition to your personal calendar, you can create calendars for facilities, equipment, or any other resource. For example, you can create a calendar for a conference room so that anyone who wants to schedule the room for a meeting makes an entry on that calendar for the appropriate time. Other people, checking the room's calendar to schedule their own meetings, can then see if the room is already booked when they want to use it.

You have control over who can access your personal calendar, and how much they can change it. You can set up your calendar so that other users can change and delete the events that are already on it, or you can restrict them to adding new events.

If you want even more privacy, you can give them view permission, which only allows them to look at your events, or blind view permission, which allows them to see the times you have scheduled but no details about your events.

For complete privacy, you can specify yourself as the only person allowed to view your calendar. Because you can give different permissions to different users or groups of users, you can easily strike a balance between security and convenience.

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