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This book, which is divided into three sections, is designed to lead you through the workings of the SCO OpenServer Operating System, from using its office automation facilities to set up your calendar, to writing simple shell scripts that perform tasks for you.

Office automation

The SCO OpenServer(TM) system contains a number of powerful office automation tools that allow you to manage your work. ``Using SCO Shell'' contains a guide to using the SCO OpenServer office automation tools. ``SCO Shell accessories'' explains how to use the Calendar and Calculator accessories provided with the SCO Shell.

Working at the shell prompt

The shells are powerful programs that you can use to issue commands directly to the SCO OpenServer system. The chapters in this section, beginning with ``Working with files and directories'', introduce you to the shells and explain how to use them to run a variety of programs which are present on your system. This section also explains the basic concepts of file storage and manipulation, and how to manage your work environment effectively.

Shell programming

The three available shells provide a powerful but simple programming language that you can use to automate complex tasks, write your own commands, and connect other programs together to perform a sequence of operations. This section contains the following chapters:


The following appendices are provided:

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