Setting up the display unit

The SCODB vi mode uses display unit strings which must be set. The purpose of the strings is evident from the name of the string variables.

SCODB as released only supports ANSI console displays and Wyse 60 terminals. To support a different terminal, modify the appropriate items in the /etc/conf/pack.d/scodb/scodb_tty.i file.

SCODB does not verify correctness of display unit settings, so use great care in modifying any settings, and keep a backup copy of any files changed.

The strings, along with their default values (for ANSI displays and Wyse 60 terminals), TERMINFO, and TERMCAP names are:

SCODB display strings

String Default value (ANSI) Wyse 60 value terminfo name termcap name
c_move_up "\033[A" "\013" cuu1 up
c_move_down "\033[B" "\012" cud1 do
c_move_right "\033[C" "\014" cuf1 nd
c_move_left "\b" "\b" cub1 le
c_delete_line "\033[M" "5\033R" dl1 dl
c_delete_char "\033[P" "11\033W" dch1 dc
c_startinsert 0 "\033q" smir im
c_endinsert 0 "\033r" rmir ei
c_insert_char "\033[@" 0 ich1 ic
c_insert_line "\033[L" "4\033E" il1 al
c_clear_to_eol "\033[K" "\033T" el ce
c_reverse "\033[7m" "\033G4" smso so
c_normal "\033[m" "\033G0 rmso se

number of lines per screen
The scodb_nlines variable defines the number of lines that can be displayed on the screen:
   int	scodb_nlines = 25;	/* lines on screen */
This value may be found by consulting the terminfo or termcap entry for the given terminal; the terminfo name is lines and the termcap name is li.

current row and column
The scodb_row and scodb_col variables enable SCODB to know where on the screen the cursor is:
   int scodb_row() { }
   int scodb_col() { }
Both functions should return a minimum value of 0; row 0 is considered to be at the top of the screen, and column 0 at the left of the screen.
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