Writing a SCOadmin manager

About SCOadmin objects

SCOadmin managers can use the Server API to access managed objects that have been defined in the SCOadmin framework. Although the same calling format is used for all classes of objects, the definition of object classes govern which operations and options can be used. A list of the object calls and options is included below - see Object(TCL_ADM) for more information.

Object Calls

Name Description
ObjectCreate creates the specified object
ObjectDelete deletes the specified object
ObjectAction performs a class-defined operation on an object
ObjectGet returns values for specified attributes of an object
ObjectReplaceWithDefault replaces values with default values
ObjectReplace replaces values with specified values
ObjectAdd adds values (for attributes that can take multiple values)
ObjectRemove removes values (for attributes that can take multiple values)

Object call options

Option Description
-filter allows an object list to be filtered according to specific criteria
-scope level replaces the object list with the list of objects contained by the original object list. Only one level is currently supported, 1 or FirstLevelOnly.
-callback causes the object call to return immediately before the operation has completed. The framework will call the specified function with the results of the operation.
-access defines access data (OSA-defined)
-sync defines synchronization type (OSA-defined)

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