Using Mail

Sorting messages

You can sort your messages based on any of the message list headings in the Mailbox window: ``Kind'', ``From'', ``Subject'', ``Date'', or ``Size''.

To change the sorting method, click on the heading text at the top of the message list. For example, to sort on the message subject, click on the word Subject. A little arrow appears to the right of the heading text showing the direction of the sort. Click again to change the direction of the sort.

Alternatively, you can select Sort from the View menu and make your sorting selections there.

Sorting on:

arranges messages in this order: urgent messages, unread messages, messages that include an attachment, messages that have been saved in another folder, messages that have been replied to, and messages that have been forwarded. Urgent messages originate from other mailers, such as the mail program used in Portfolio(TM).

arranges messages according to who sent them

arranges messages according to their subject lines

arranges messages according to either the date sent or the arrival date. To change the date type, select Folder from the Preferences menu. Select Date Mail Arrived or Date Mail Was Sent.

arranges messages according to the number of lines of text they contain

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