Using Mail

Sending mail notifications during an extended absence

When you plan to be away from your mailbox (for a business trip or vacation for example), you can send automatic responses to mail you receive with a notification message that you specify.

NOTE: If your system uses sendmail(ADMN) as a mail router, extended absence notification is not available and the Extended Absence item does not appear on the Mail Preferences menu.

To respond to mail with an extended absence notification:

  1. Select Extended Absence from the Preferences menu.

  2. Select Notices On to start sending notifications.

  3. If you have a user nickname or any other account names for which you receive mail, click on Add under Other mail addresses for username. Enter the account address(es).

  4. Under Notification Message type the text of the message you want to send.

NOTE: While you are gone, Mail sends one notification to each user who sends you mail. That user's address is added to the ``Notices Were Sent To'' list. Anyone on this list will not receive future notifications, so when you return from your absence, you should empty this list by selecting Clear.

When you return from your absence, a reminder displays when you start Mail, telling you that automatic notifications are being sent. To stop the automatic notifications, select Extended Absence from the Preferences menu, then select Notices Off to end notifications. Examine the Notices Sent To list and, when you are finished with the list, select Clear.

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