mosy -- Managed Object Syntax-compiler (yacc-based)


mosy [-d] [-o module.defs] [-s]


The mosy program reads the managed objects module ( to obtain a description and produce a simple ASCII file (module.defs) containing equivalent definitions. This output file is meant to be read as configuration data by a network management program.

The -o option sets the name of the output file, which by default is derived from the name of the input file. If module.defs is ``-'', mosy writes to the standard output.

Normally, mosy prints the name of each object, identifier, or type as it runs. The -s option disables this behavior.

The mosy and post_mosy(ADMN) programs can be invoked together by running the shell script mibcomp(ADMN). This creates the configuration data used by the management utilities (such as getmany(ADMN), and getnext(ADMN)) from multiple input files containing MIB definitions in ASN.1 notation.

mosy does not maintain a library, so it cannot check IMPORT statements for their validity.

mosy discards the enumeration associated with INTEGERs, although it does range check them.

mosy does not range check size constraints associated with INTEGERs.

The -d option set a limit of one to the number of structure types that can be assigned to an object syntax when mosy compiles the object syntaxes in If assigns more than one structure type to an object syntax, mosy compiles only the first and discards all the others.

See also

mibcomp(ADMN), post_mosy(ADMN)

Standards conformance

mosy is conformant with:

RFC 1155 (STD 16), RFC 1212

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