Manual sections

Section ADM Operating system administration
Section ADMN TCP/IP networking and administration commands
Section ADMP TCP/IP network protocols
Section AIO 
Section C Operating system commands, utilities
Section C++ C++ library routines
Section C++std C++ standard templates
Section CDMT Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit utilities
Section CONTRIB Contributed manual pages
Section CP Programming commands
Section CURSES 
Section D1 
Section D1psm 
Section D1str 
Section D2 
Section D2hpci 
Section D2mdi 
Section D2oddi 
Section D2osdi 
Section D2pccard 
Section D2psm 
Section D2sdi 
Section D2str 
Section D3 
Section D3eels 
Section D3hpci 
Section D3i2o 
Section D3mdi 
Section D3nfb 
Section D3oddi 
Section D3osdi 
Section D3pccard 
Section D3psm 
Section D3sdi 
Section D3str 
Section D3sys 
Section D3xdas 
Section D4 
Section D4dlpi 
Section D4hpci 
Section D4isdn 
Section D4mdi 
Section D4nfb 
Section D4oddi 
Section D4osdi 
Section D4pccard 
Section D4psm 
Section D4sdi 
Section D4str 
Section D5 
Section D5pccard 
Section D5sdi 
Section D7dlpi 
Section D7isdn 
Section D7mdi 
Section D7str 
Section D7tpi 
Section DSHM 
Section DSP Driver configuration files
Section ELF Executible and linking format library
Section F File formats
Section FP Programming file formats
Section HW Device drivers, hardware
Section IAC 
Section ISDN 
Section M Miscellaneous
Section MAS 
Section MDI 
Section MST_PPP MorningStar PPP
Section NADM NFS network administration commands
Section NC NFS network user commands
Section NET TLI/XTI library routines for accessing transport stacks
Section NF NFS file formats
Section NS NFS, NIS, RPC, XDR network library routines
Section PTHREAD POSIX threads library
Section S OpenServer 6 system calls, library routines
Section S-osr5 OpenServer 5 system calls, library routines
Section SFF TCP/IP file formats
Section SLIB-osr5 OpenServer 5 sockets library routines
Section SSC OpenServer 6 sockets system calls and library routines
Section SSC-osr5 OpenServer 5 sockets system calls
Section SYNCH 
Section S_ADM SCOadmin Services Library (C/C++ interface)
Section TC TCP/IP network user commands
Section TCL Tool command language (Tcl) commands
Section THREAD SVR4 threads library
Section UDI 
Section VTCL Visual Tcl commands
Section XC X client commands
Section XDAS 
Section Xm OSF/Motif commands, library routines
Section n Tcl commands
Section ntcl 
Section ntk 
Section 1 SVR5 User commands
Section 1txstwuz0 
Section 1xswuz0 
Section 1xswul{0 
Section 1lxslwuz0 
Section 1xswuz0 
Section 1xswul{0 
Section 1M SVR5 Administrative commands
Section 1Mcert 
Section 1TxrTwtz0 
Section 1apache2 
Section 1lxslwuz0 
Section 1tcl 
Section 1tcp SVR5 networking commands
Section 1tk 
Section 1x X11 user commands
Section 1xslwuz0 
Section 1xswud{0 
Section 1xrTwtz0 
Section 1ysxut{0 
Section 1txstwuz0 
Section 1txstwuz0 
Section 1xswuz0 
Section 1xswul{0 
Section 1xswud{0 
Section 3 Library functions
Section 3 
Section 3Dwtz0 
Section 3wuz0 
Section 3swu{0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3wuT{0 
Section 3rLwtz0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3 
Section 3Dwtz0 
Section 3Twtz0 
Section 3lxslwuz0 
Section 3uptrw0 
Section 3xswuz0 
Section 3swu{0 
Section 3tdosdq,w0 
Section 3t 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3wuT{0 
Section 3rLwtz0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3xswul{0 
Section 3,tqw0 
Section 3Dtqw0 
Section 3Twtz0 
Section 3TxrTwtz0 
Section 3lxslwuz0 
Section 3mas 
Section 3rDwtz0 
Section 3swuz0 
Section 3swuT{0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3tcl 
Section 3tiff 
Section 3tk 
Section 3txstwuz0 
Section 3xswuz0 
Section 3xswul{0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3wuL{0 
Section 3tz0 
Section 3xswud{0 
Section 4 Special files
Section 4xslwuz0 
Section 4xswud{0 
Section 4xrTwtz0 
Section 4ysxut{0 
Section 4txstwuz0 
Section 4txstwuz0 
Section 4xswuz0 
Section 4xswul{0 
Section 5 File formats
Section 5sql SQL statements
Section 7 Drivers, conventions, and miscellany
Section 7mdi 
Section 8 Administration and privileged commands
Section 8apache2