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Disabling network documentation service

The DocView server is initially configured to serve the documentation to any machine on your network. You can change the configuration to only serve to browsers running on the same machine.

  1. As root, edit the file /usr/lib/docview/conf/httpd.conf to change the directive ServerName from the fully qualified network name for the machine to For example:

  2. In the same file, add this directive:

  3. In the same file, change the Listen directive to the following:

  4. Save the file and restart the DocView server with this command:
       /etc/docview restart

  5. If the search index has not been run since installation, then do the following step (a). If the search index has been run already, then do step (b). You can tell if it has been run because the file /usr/lib/docview/en/htdig.conf is not zero length (which means it has been configured).

    1. Edit the file /usr/lib/docview/conf/install.conf and change:
         $HOMENAME=`hostname -f`;
      Now when the index is run for the first time, it will be configured only for local access.

    2. If the index has already been run at least once, then edit the file /usr/lib/docview/en/htdig.conf and change all instances of your fully qualified network hostname to Be sure to leave the port number as 8457.

  6. If the search index has been generated, it will have to be entirely rebuilt because the file addresses in the database use the local address, not the network address. If you don't rebuild it, only local users can use the search function successfully. To rebuild the search index, or to build it for the first time, run this command:
       /usr/lib/docview/conf/rundig -i

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