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Generating the search index

The search system is based on the ht://dig search engine. It uses a search index that is generated by following all the links on a website, downloading each page, scanning for words, and following any links on that page to other pages. A configuration file controls the extent of link following so only documentation files on the server system are indexed.

The search index is not generated during the installation of DocView. The indexing process can take considerable time and system resources, depending on how much doc is installed and how fast the machine is. It is best to run the indexing process when the machine is relatively inactive.

The search index can be 80 megabytes and larger. During the sorting process, it generates temporary files that can double that. Be sure you have sufficient space available under /usr/lib/docview/db where the index files are stored. If you have enough disk space for the index but not enough for the temporary files, you can set the TMPDIR environment variable to a temporary directory on another larger filesystem. That directory should already exist.

The basic command for generating the search index is:

Here is some additional useful information about the indexing process:

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