Using DocView

Using DocView

DocView is a documentation server for SCO OpenServer. It creates a mini-website dedicated to serving most of the documentation installed on a UNIX system. The documentation server is a separate instance of an Apache HTTP server running off of a separate port number (8457) so as to not interfere with any other web servers on the host.

DocView makes available the documentation to anyone with access to the DocView server, using any web browser they choose. DocView is initially configured to serve all machines that have browser access to it on a network. It can easily be reconfigured to serve only to browsers running on the same machine. See ``Disabling network documentation service'' for more information.

NOTE: In SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7, DocView replaces SCOhelp, the previous help system based on the NCSA Mosaic browser and server. SCOhelp and all supporting utilities (for example, ftindex(XC) and scohttp(ADM)) are now obsolete. The term ``scohelp'' and variants remain in some path and filenames for backward compatibility with the SCOadmin context-sensitive help system.

All current SCO OpenServer online documentation has been recompiled for the DocView help system. If you have SCO OpenServer compatible software with SCOhelp documentation, you can view that documentation by following the "SCOhelp Home Page" link from the DocView home page.

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