Overview of Development Systems for SCO OpenServer

Overview of Development Systems for SCO OpenServer

A number of development environments are available for developing software for SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7. This overview can help you to select the most appropriate environment.

Three options for C and C++ compilers are available on SCO OpenServer:

For Java development, SCO provides the Java Development Kit (JDK).

In sorting through the SCO OpenServer development environment options, you should also review:

In the context of this Overview, ``performance'' refers to the effect a compiler has on an application's run-time performance, where smaller generated code size and/or faster application execution time means better performance. Statements made here about one compiler having better performance than another are based on careful observations from the running of industry-standard benchmarks. However, for any particular application, results may vary. If your application is performance-sensitive, you are advised to measure the difference in compilers for your specific program and applications.

SCO publishes information for developers at the SCO Developer Network home page ( You should check this page for updated information, new tricks, links to important news groups, and so forth. Anyone who is developing software for SCO platforms is encouraged to join the SCO Developer Network.

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