Before installing or upgrading

Basic hardware requirements

The hardware that you need to install SCO OpenServer varies, depending on the installation options that you choose, the applications that you use, and your intended use for the system. This section lists the basic hardware requirements for three scenarios of a Fresh installation:

Minimum hardware requirements
  32MB of RAM [(1)]
  Hard disk space: [(2)]
   BULLET 400MB for a Host System
   BULLET 550MB for a Desktop System
   BULLET 600MB for an Enterprise System,
   BULLET An additional 100MB for Internet Services
  A single Intel or 100% Intel-compatible processor, including:
   BULLET Intel 486, Pentium, Pentium II, III, 4, Celeron®,
     and Xeon CPUs
   BULLET AMD K5, K6, Duron, and Athlon XP and MP CPUs
  Supported Video Adapter
  Supported Mass Storage Adapter
  Supported Mouse
(1)  See ``Installing on 32MB systems'' for notes on installing this type of system.
(2)  See ``Determining disk space requirements'' for information to help you more accurately determine the amount of disk space your installation requires.

Recommended hardware requirements
  64MB to 256MB of RAM
  2GB SCSI III or better hard disk
   BULLET Up to 4 partitions per hard disk
   BULLET Up to 7 filesystems per partition
   BULLET 100GB to 350GB of disk space per filesystem
  2 to 4 Intel or 100% Intel-compatible processors, including:
   BULLET Intel Pentium III, 4, and Xeon CPUs
  RAID or Ultra-SCSI Mass Storage Adapter
  Supported Video Adapter
  Supported Mouse
  Supported Network Adapter

Maximum hardware supported
  4GB of RAM
  Up to 137GB can be used on IDE hard disks
Up to 500GB can be used on SCSI hard disks
   BULLET Up to 4 partitions per hard disk
   BULLET Up to 7 filesystems per partition
   BULLET 1TB of disk space per filesystem (and 2GB per file)
  1 CPU for a Desktop System
  4 CPUs for Host and Enterprise Systems

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Installing on 32MB systems

You can install SCO OpenServer on a system with only 32MB of RAM, subject to these caveats:

The installation procedure checks your system for available RAM and displays an error message if it is below the minimum requirements. You can choose to continue the installation even if your system currently has less than the minimum amount of RAM.

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