About SCO OpenServer systems

SCO OpenServer media

All SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 media kits include the following:

SCO OpenServer Floppy Boot Disk
SCO OpenServer System CD-ROM (bootable)
SCO OpenServer Optional Services CD-ROM
UnixWare® and OpenServer Development Kit CD-ROM
SCO Solution Showcase Partner CD-ROM

Additionally, a copy of the SCO OpenServer Getting Started Guide is provided with the Full media kit.

If your system supports it, you can boot directly from the SCO OpenServer System CD-ROM. Otherwise, use the 3.5-inch floppy Boot Disk.

SCO OpenServer Optional Services CD-ROM

SCO OpenServer Optional Services are designed to help you simplify administration of SCO OpenServer systems, build powerful and secure networked environments, and take advantage of Internet/Intranet server technology.

Windows Connectivity services help you to integrate your Windows® desktops with SCO OpenServer systems, including file and print services.

Internet/Intranet services allow you to build secure internal and external web servers for delivering products and services to customers in timely, focused, and cost-effective ways.

For the specific list of products available and for instructions on installing these products, see the /info/readme file on the SCO OpenServer Optional Services CD-ROM.

SCO Skunkware

SCO Skunkware(TM) provides a large collection of Open Source products that have been built and packaged for use on SCO OpenServer platforms. This collection allows you to build complete solutions without the expense of purchasing proprietary applications, and without the cost of having to compile each of these Open Source products for use on SCO OpenServer.

If you are interested in this software, the SCO Skunkware CD-ROM image is available for download at:

The SCO Skunkware web page provides a complete list of the products that are available on the CD-ROM image.

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